Wise economy network

Digitisation for Business Innovation and Prosperity in the Baltic Sea Region - a project funded by the Swedish Institute


The overall aim for this project is to increase levels of digitisation and internationalisation in small businesses run by women to stimulate innovative business development, promote sustainable growth and to boost international trade in the Baltic Sea Region.

We want women to reach their full potential as business owners by learning to navigate in a society changing rapidly by processes such as digitisation, automation and globalisation.

We do this by training women business owners in the Baltic Sea Region in digital thinking and practical skills.

Our main focus is digitisation of businesses in the "non tech" industries that are lagging behind in the general digitisation and we expect the most powerful results to be achieved by targeting the entrepreneurs that are disadvantaged within those industries - namely women.

Equal participation of women and men in entrepreneurship, innovation and trade is crucial to to boost growth and prosperity in the Baltic Sea Region. To boost development in that direction, this project utilizes the experience and skills that the partnering organisations have aquired through the years and apply it on the strong network of women business owners we have built and maintain in the region

The coordinating organisation, Wise Economy Global Association in Sweden, specialises in running large-scale training initiatives with a particular focus on empowering women. The CEO has managed training of over 55,000 women and 8,000 men in 17 countries via a Frame agreement with Sida on Gender Projects and has also cooperated with other partners on the advancement of women in politics and empowerment of women entrepreneurs between 1998 and 2008.

The WE Network project provides;

1. awareness of the value of utilising digital tools to boost innovative business development,

2. training on how to use these tools,

3. training in areas necessary to increase involvement in transnational trade and how to successfully compete on a global market


4. access to a network of people, organisations and companies that will provide opportunities to growth and long-term prosperity for the parties involved.

All of this will help boost innovation and sustainable growth in the Baltic Sea Region.

WE Network is funded by the Swedish Institute